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Mum n Baby Bootcamp


10am-11am Mum n Baby Botcamp Class

Wednesdays 10am – 11am

Mums n Baby’s Bootcamp.

At Bootcamp you don’t have to bring the baby but if you do, they are welcome to lay, crawl, drool, dribble or cry whilst you train.

The atmosphere is relaxed, babies lie/crawl/scoot/ dribble cry, basically do what babies do whilst the mums are put through their paces with resistance bands, kettle bells medicine balls and body weight exercises. We work a lot on the core area re-strengthening the muscles who have taken a 9 month hammering from the weight of the baby and re-establish the feeling and control of the muscles not just in the pelvic floor area but also the inner girdle (your inner version of Spanx!). Mums love it, babies couldn’t care less and everyone is happy.

Contact Esther in advance to book your place on bootcamp: 07703569645

See Esther’s website: