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Covid – 19

Measures we are taking to ensure we are Covid – 19 compliant.

On Friday 20th March we unfortunately were left with no option but to temporarily close the studio to face to face classes due to government guidance to close leisure centres and gyms. On Saturday 21st March we launched our first online zoom equipment free class.

Options for Students & Members:

We are running an extensive online timetable of classes which are suitable for all levels. These are a mix of equipment free and equipment based classes. These are available to all. You can view the timetable here.

We have an online exclusive facebook group available for all blush members, whether your membership live live or on freeze. Students who were attending classes at the studio at the time of the closure are also welcome to join, as are students who have joined us since we started online classes. You can request to join the group at this link. The group posts regular training and motivational videos to assist your at home training.

We have doubled up class allowances and moved to an online booking software. All bronze students who attended one face to face class per week had their class allowance doubled to two classes per week, silver members have been doubled to 4 classes per week, and gold members to 6 classes per week.

Options to Downgrade & Freeze Memberships

Downgrading your Membership:

Many students have felt the financial pressures of the pandemic, as well as a shortage of time to attend the amount ion classes we are now offer8ing. We therefore offer a Covid-19 exclusive option for all members to downgrade to pay less and still attend classes. This is available to all current blush members. Please email to arrange a downgrade. Once the studio is confirmed as reopening to face to face classes, you can move straight back to your previous level of membership.

Freezing your Membership: 

This is an exclusive benefit for all current students to assist with the fast changes faced in the pandemic. We are offering a flexible option to memberships by freezing payments until we reopen. The minimum freeze is 1 month, you can freeze any memberships by emailing us at Freezing starts from the 1st of the month and can be applied for in advance only. For more details please see the FAQ’s of Freezing a membership below:

What about classes/photoshoots/workshops owed due to closure?

We have honoured all classes which were missed the term we were running before we closed. We understand this term presented many students with difficult choices whether to attend. We therefore are honouring all classes missed. You can redeem these either at online classes or when we reopen. To redeem online email us at

Photoshoots and workshops which were booked and paid have been credited back to your online account. We will rearrange new dates for these once we have confirmation to do so from the government.

Stages to Re-Open the studio

We are currently waiting the confirmation of opening of leisure centres & gyms. We anticipate this will be July/August 2020. Whilst we are waiting we are training in newly developed courses to ensure we are fully trained in how to keep our members safe.

We are redesigning the studio to ensure it is a safe, compliant and attractive studio to return to. We anticipate our class numbers may be smaller to adhere to social distancing laws and booking and signing in will remain online.

To ensure you stay ahead of our updates please like and follow our facebook page and join our mailing list.

If you have any questions about classes purchased prior to our closure please contact us at

FAQ of Freezing your Membership during Covid -19 Pandemic

What is a Freeze of Membership?: A temporary hold on a blush membership, only available due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. The student stops any payments to Blush during our lockdown government closure temporarily and Blush hold their monthly membership payments and previously owed classes to be reused when we are fully open. 
When will the Frozen Membership be reactivated? We will contact students who are on freeze when we have confirmation of how and when we are reopening. Once we are reopen, the membership will reactivate and the member will make payments via standing order again. The membership will start as it finished. When will the Freeze start and what payments will I make? To start the freeze the member must email a request in advance and state the date from when they wish the freeze to start. The freeze is a minimum of one month for any months we are closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the freeze starts from the 1st of a month. No payments are made from after the start date of the freeze. All payments up until the start of the freeze must have been made.
Do I have to pay straight away again when you reopen? You won’t need to make any payments in advance, you will only need to restart the standing order the same month we restart the membership. For example if you usually pay on the 1st of the month and we restart your membership on the 1st July, you will restart your standing order on the 1st July, likewise if you usually pay on the 15th.
What is a Membership Cancellation? A membership cancellation is final and there are no membership classes or months owed to the student by the company.  A cancellation is made via email 30 days minimum in advance of the cancellation date. The cancellation is made at the end of a month and the month of the cancellation, no payment is made by the student. For example, if the student pays on the 1st of the month. The final payment will be 1st July for a membership cancellation for 31st August. Upon cancellation, the student forfeits all classes and catch ups owed prior to the closure of the studio due to Covid-19.
Can the membership be restarted if I cancel? Yes of course, you can restart the membership, however this will be made in advance of the membership starting. So for example, to restart the membership on 1st July, a full paymnet will need to be made prior to the 1st July. Another payment will then be due in July via standing order.