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Jeani Packer – Blushette Of The Month May 2014

Jeani Packer

Blushette of the Month May 2014

Well Done Jeani! Blushette of the month is a monthly recognition of the achievements made every day in Blush Dance classes by our students. Jeani Packer was nominated by teachers and students. The blushette of the month award recognises the commitment, dedication and challenges our students display and overcome. Recognitions can be for many things and include some of the following: achieving a new level of skill, a new move, performing in front of an audience, competing in a championship, overcoming unfavourable training odds, great attendance at classes, great dedication to training/shows/attitude at classes.

 Jeani Packer Blushette of the Month May

Jeani Packer

Jeani’s achievements:

Jeani has reached level 4 at aerial hoop

Jeani has reached Level 4 at Pole Dance Fitness

Jeani is an energetic fearless blushette who defies all stereotypes. A pole dancing, aerial hooping mum who loves all forms of exercise and movement. She has been a regular at Blush Dance Studios for the past 3 years, attending classes at Fallowfield, Stockport and Cheadle.


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