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Aerial Hoop Levels 3, 4 & 5 TUES 6.30-7.30pm

From: £54.00

How to book your classes:

Our  2020 term dates (6 weeks) run between the following dates and are available to book now:

6th January – 15th February 2020

17th February – 28th March 2020

The more classes you purchase in a block, the cheaper per class. See below for our prices.

Please select whether you are choosing 6 or 12 consecutive lessons from drop down below, then select your start date. The calendar will only allow you to pick the start day from week 1 of our terms, you will then automatically be booked for the consecutive 6 or 12 lessons.

If you are booking 2 classes per week over 6 weeks, please add in your notes at checkout, your chosen second class or you can email us at

e.g. to join the 8th August, I pick the relevant date on wk beg 8th August to start my term booking.


Click here for more information on Aerial Hoop Lessons Stockport

This class is suitable for level 3, 4 & 5 Blush aerial hoop students. It is not suitable for beginners. It is an Intermediate level Aerial Hoop class, suitable for students who are confident with foundation, beginner and amateur moves and mounting the hoop via a straddle and pike, basic beats and lifting comfortably on both sides into combinations using beginner and amateur Aerial Hoop Moves. Ideally 3 months experience of Aerial Hoop classes once per week will be attended before progressing to intermediate moves, however all students do work at varying levels based on their past experience so this is not true for every body.

What if I miss a class? Can I catch it up?

Yes you can! All our pole and aerial classes are booked in advance, to help us abide by health and safety laws, to ensure we guarantee 2-3 people per equipment and that classes which are suitable for the level of students attending. However if you miss a class, you can catch it up at another class. Read more about how our catch up classes work

Prices & Booking Options

mini term 4 classes out of a 6 week term = 4 lessons £40 (£10 per class)

1 term one class per week = 6 lessons £54 (£9 per class)

2 terms one class per week = 12 lessons £96 (£8 per class)

1 term, 2 classes per week = 12 lessons £96 (£8 per class) please mention in notes when ordering which second class you want to attend.

2 terms, 2 classes per week = 24 lessons £168 (£7 per lesson) please mention in notes when ordering which second class you wish to attend

All online bookings are bound by our terms and conditions

By booking via the website you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of booking.

Please ensure you have read and understood before booking.



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