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A Guide to Coronavirus Tiers & our services

A Guide to Coronavirus Tiers & our services

The below list explains what services, sessions and classes we are permitted to offer at each tier. This guide is served to help customers predict what his available to book as we prepare to move through various tiers.

This guide does not inform you which tier we are currently in. For information on what tier the studio is in and detailed information such as opening times and prices, please see our COVID-19 UPDATE page and our social media pages.

If we are in a Tier 1 or 2 area;

We are open 

We are permitted to run 

  • face to face classes for all levels in all styles (pole, burlesque, aerial, stretch, workshops, choreography, heels, flow, hula hoop).
  • No hands on spotting is permitted in classes. 
  • Members are booked into their regular classes and missed classes can be caught up with 24 hours notice of cancellation of place, as per our standard terms of booking. 
  • We are open for new students to join classes and book a class pass for up to 4 sessions. In the event of a movement of tier these are frozen and expiry extended when the tier is reestablished. 
  • Open practice sessions run and are bookable as payg for all students. One student per piece of equipment.
  • Massages will run as normal.
  • Private sessions and semi private sessions for up to 5 people (can be differing households).
  • Some online classes may run.
  • Kids and junior classes are run as normal.
  • Class sizes: Tier 2 classes are booked one person per piece of equipment (no sharing) 
  • Class sizes: Tier 1 in some classes the same 2 people every week share equipment thorough cleaning in between turns and social distancing throughout.

If we are in a Tier 3 area;

We are open with limited services.

We are permitted to run only

  • Open practice/Gym sessions for students of amateur or above levels for pole, and aerial silks/sling/hoop only.
  • Members are booked into their regular time/day as open practice with access to videod sessions and training plans to follow. 
  • Sessions can be cancelled/rearranged as per standard bookings.
  • All visits are strictly booked in advance via our online system. 
  • Massages will run as normal.
  • Private sessions (one to one) can be booked for all disciplines:
  • Semi private sessions can be booked for people in the same household or bubble only.
  • Some online classes will run for classes we cannot run face to face;eg burlesque, hula hoop, floor work, pole flow, Bea sting with Beckie, stretch. 
  • Kids and junior classes willrun as normal.
  • In open sessions strictly no sharing at all. One person is permitted to train on one piece of equipment only. 
  • Thorough cleaning throughout in between students training sessions and everyone is socially distanced throughout the venue. 

If we are in a Tier 4 area:

We are not open to the public for face to face training.

  • Online class timetable will increase.
  • We will offer a wide range of online classes Monday-Thursday and saturdays. 
  • Members are welcome to either freeze their member ship or continue online with double the allocation of classes booked. 
  • Massages are not permitted to run
  • Private sessions or semi private sessions can only run online. No face to face sessions are permitted.
  • Kids and junior classes are not permitted to run.