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Virtual Xmas Market 2020

Blush Virtual Xmas Market is taking place in a designated facebook group in which businesses can sell their items on the group via a LIVE or prerecorded video on 28-29 NOV.

All Covid secure as you don’t need to leave the house.

We will go LIVE in the market on 21-22 NOV so each business can showcase to promote their business. Each business will get a timeslot to go live, or the vids can be pre recorded and sent to us to upload in your time slot if you prefer.

A great way to increase your visibility amongst our lovely group of students. Businesses who make and sell items can join to allow more variety in the event and we allow multiples of the same sector to join too. Branded stalls such as Tropic, Bodyshop, Avon, and Scentsy we only allow one.

BodyShop, Avon are full.

We have availability for Scentsy, Tropic, or Usborne or other branded business.

We are raising funds to cover our studio rent whilst closed to purchase a stall please email

Stalls cost £5 and payment is via our justgiving page – just put in the comments which stall you are paying for and that you are donating to pay for the virtual Xmas Market.

Link To OUR JUSTGIVING Page below

The Facebook event is at: this link