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Becky Campey, Blush Dance Owner

Hello, I am Becky Campey. I live to dance and move. I established in 2008 after many years of dancing, performing and teaching fitness. I had met some lovely people and I had started to enjoy pole fitness. I set up local classes and soon I wasn’t able to cope with the demand of students. I invited my best students to train as instructors  and work alongside me in delivering the most positive, effective and fun pole and aerial classes.  15 years later, I still work alongside these instructors, along with many more who have joined along the way.

My vision for `Blush is to make dance and fitness accessible, prove it is for every BODY. I love the feeling of being free, of dancing and moving my body and I see it my vision to inspire every one to experience the feeling of being free, inspired and energised through dance and fitness.

My first pole lessons 

I first discovered pole fitness in 2015, learning tricks, spins alongside my pole mother “Fay”. I am not going to lie, it was hard! I did not expect it to be so challenging, but I loved the way it made me feel and how it fused fitness and dance movement. “Being able to achieve something I didn’t think possible is an empowering and confidence boosting concept. It has increased my fitness, strength, and self belief”.

When I can connect students to the emotional benefits of dance and fitness their fitness regime becomes more than fitness. It is food for the soul and an essential part of feeling alive. There is no feeling of punishing gruelling workouts or guilt for not going or improving. Fitness and movement becomes fun and positive. Sessions result in achievements of skills never thought possible, and the discovery of how to boost confidence and self belief. The student is empowered!

My passion for this discovery is what drives me to connect as many people as possible with their ability to self empower.

Director, Instructor & Performer – Blush Dance