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Burlesque Dance Classes



PAYG £5.50 pp

Burlesque Dance Classes

Blush Burlesque Dance classes are a unique 60min dance workout class inspired by the sassiest of showgirls and burlesque  dance divas. Burlesque dance classes cleverly combines fun and glamourous dance moves with the art of being feminine to ensure you get an all over work out as well as a gorgeous body!!

Learn how to strut on, off around and over the chair with exciting and sassy moves all carefully choreographed to tone your arms, abs, legs and waist and leave you feeling like a foxy feline. Second half of the class we learn stunning routines incorporating basic striptease, props and sassy feminine fun to give you a glamorous glow, an empowering workout experience and the sexy confidence of a true diva!

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When do you start a new routine?

Routines in burlesque dance classes are taught over 6 weeks, and students are invited to either pay for a 6 week block pass (£30) or pay for each dance class as they go (£6). New students can join at any time, the best time to join, especially if you are a complete beginner is the beginning of a new routine.

New routines start every 6 weeks, but its absolutely fine to join at any week of the routine as this is a drop in class. To check the dates we will start a new routine on, see our timetable, the final column of our timetable is the start date of our new term, and therefore the start date of our new routine.

JanineBurlesqueStockingCan I perform?

It happens quite a lot, our burlesque dance class students get the bug for dancing and keeping fit and with their  skills, grows their confidence to get on stage. Blush students have performed at charity events, festivals, corporate events and cabaret evenings as a troupe and as soloists. For budding soloists who are interested in entering the burlesque professional performance scene we can help you further this career. We have strong links with production company’s, agency’s and Ministry Of Burlesque where potential burlesque performers are invited to workshops, and performance opportunities to begin their career as a professional burlesque performer. We can assist you at each step of the way. See our performers page for successful students who work nationally as professional burlesque artists.

What do I wear to burlesque fitness class?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can dance and move in. This session is designed to make you glow!! Bring heels for the routine section of the class, with a strap and a heel which is comfortable for you to dance and move in. Heels are optional so if you prefer not to wear them, this is not a problem! Most students wear leggings and T shirt/tunic top.