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What if I can’t make a booked classCan I rearrange?

Yes you can, you can rearrange any booked classes at Blush with 24 hours notice (currently in Nov, Dec & Jan 2022, this has been reduced to 12 hours notice!)

We understand things don’t always go to plan, that’s why we are pleased to offer an easy option for you to rearrange any booked classes.

Rearranging a class is super easy,

  1. Use the TEAMUP members App or Browser and log into your profile
  2. Scroll to the class you can no longer make (select “My Account” on the browser and “attendances” on the app)
  3. On the app choose Upcoming and on browser under My Account choose registrations.
  4. The above options will show you a list of your forthcoming bookings. Select the class you cannot attend and then opt to “LEAVE” the class.
  5. You will then receive an email notifying you that you have unregistered for the chosen class.
  6. To rearrange and rebook this class at another time, you can browse the schedule using the app or browser and simply opt to book the chosen class.

For Bronze, Silver or Gold monthly members. The class you rearrange must be within the same month of the class you have unbooked and can be any face to face class, open practice or stretch class.

For Bronze Aerial Monthly members & Aerial Class Packs the rearranged class can be any face to face aerial class, open practice, or an online stretch class.

For Bronze Pole Monthly Members & Pole Class Packs the rearranged class can be any face to face pole, open practice or online stretch class.

Terms & Conditions of rearranging a class;

All our aerial and pole classes are booked in advance to ensure we abide by health and safety laws and our code of ethics which ensures 2-3 people per equipment and a safe number of people in classes. In the unfortunate event you can not make a class you have booked, we offer you the chance to rearrange a class to ensure you don’t lose out on classes or your training.

1 – The ‘rearranged class’ can be taken at any time within the month it was missed (monthly members) or within the expiry of the class pack, it can even be taken in advance of the class you are rearranging.

2 – The ‘rearranged class’ is booked in advance, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice to rearrange a booked class.

3 – The ‘rearranged class’ can be booked yourself via TeamUp browser or app.

4 – A booked class cannot be rearranged if you do not show up to a booking, in this situation you forfeit the class.

5 – All our classes booked are bound by our terms and conditions.