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Becky, Blush Dance Stockport, Manchester, Sheffield & Hyde & Tameside

Blush Dance was established in 2008 by Becky Campey. Since then the company has grown into a team of highly qualified and motivated instructors who all trained with Becky from students through to teachers. Thus, proving that the company can support your goals to wherever you choose to take them.

Blush Dance was initially created to enable more people to achieve the great fitness benefits and enjoyment Becky experienced from Dance & Fitness since starting at 3 years old.

Becky was introduced to pole dancing in 2005 as a fitness concept and through regularly practicing the techniques achieved empowering strength and confidence benefits. “Being able to achieve something that you didn’t think would be possible is an empowering and confidence boosting concept which builds a healthy addiction to increasing your skills whilst increasing fitness and confidence levels” states Becky who’s philosophy for teaching has always been, make it fun, enjoyable, positive and challenging. Becky believes it is when a participant finds their fitness regime fun and positive they are more likely to stick with it, and when these fun and positive sessions result in achieving something they never thought possible, they find amazing confidence benefits.

These are the principles upon which Blush was created, whatever your goal; to increase strength, fitness, flexibility, confidence, lose weight, meet friends, or perform on stage; Blush classes will challenge, motivate and inspire you to get there.

Director, Instructor & Performer – Blush Dance