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What to wear to Aerial Silks Class

What do I wear to Aerial Silks Classes?

One of the most frequently asked questions, quite rightly, before a new student joins us is, what do I wear to aerial silks class? Of course its important to wear the right kit as this will keep you protected, warm, improve your ability to achieve the moves and of course, look good and feel good!

The best to wear to aerial silks classes are tight fitting clothes, a superhero outfit will work wonders however we recommend no capes, utility belts or tassels. Anything that is not tight fitting, this includes jewellery, hair etc etc must be covered or removed, getting any of these caught in the equipment will not make for a pleasant session so be prepared to be asked to remove or cover all jewellery and piercings and tie up your hair.

We don't recommend Superhero costumes!!

We don’t recommend Superhero costumes!!

We recommend a T-shirt/ vest top and leggings. Please bring a long sleeved top when working in aerial silks as some moves can chafe when the silk passes under your armpit, so bring something to keep it covered just in case. Please do not wear any jewellery at all, and hair must be tied back. This is to prevent anything getting caught in the equipment and causing injury or snagging equipment whilst working to cause damage. We wear bare feet for warm up and you can wear bare feet or socks in aerial silks class when working on the silks. As you progress to intermediate levels we recommend a leotard, however not essential at beginner level but if you have one you want top wear go for it!!


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