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Catch up Class

What if I miss a class? Can I catch it up?

Yes you can, you can catch up any classes when you have booked a term at Blush Dance Stockport.  We understand things don’t always go to plan, thats why we are pleased to offer catch up classes for classes missed.

Catch up classes are available for members and termly paying students and apply to the following classes; adult pole, adult aerial hoop and adult aerial silks. Your catch up class must be booked in advance via email to and be within the same 6 week term it was missed. You can catch up before or after the class you will or have miss(ed), which makes this option brilliant for shift workers. If you are a high level student you can even catch up in a class at a lower level than the one you regularly attend.  We want you to attend all the classes you pay for and we run a high number of classes throughout the week so we think this is a great unique opportunity to ensure students can attend all their classes and still be able to work around general life issues, work issues, illness, injuries and shift work. For a full breakdown on terms and how to book your catch ups please see below.

Terms & Conditions of Catch Ups & How to Book a Catch Up Class:

All our aerial and pole classes are booked in advance to ensure we abide by health and safety laws and our code of ethics which ensures 2-3 people per equipment and a safe number of people in classes. In the unfortunate event you miss a class you have booked and paid for, we offer a ‘catch up class’ rule to ensure you dont lose out on classes or your training.

1 – The ‘catch up class’ can be taken at any time within the 6 week term the class was missed, it can even be taken in advance.

2 – The ‘catch-up class’ is booked in advance, we ask for 24 hours notice, this ensures that we can book the class in and confirm back to you that this is booked.

3 – The ‘catch-up class’ can be booked one of two ways, 1) at the studio or 2) via email to When you email please ensure your includes the following information:

Your Full Name

The Date and time of the class you missed

The type of class and level of class you missed eg Level 2 Aerial Hoop

The date and time of the class you would like to catch up at

The type of class and level of class you would like to catch up at eg Level 1 Aerial Hoop (this must be the same type and the same level or lower than the class you have missed)

Unless we receive the above information we regretfully cannot confirm a booking of a catch up class

4 – The ‘catch-up class’ cannot be re-booked. If you fail to attend the booked catch up class, we are not able to arrange a catch up of a missed catch up class.

5 – All our classes booked are bound by our terms and conditions.

If you are a student  at Blush Dance Manchester please email to arrange your catch up session. The same rules apply as above.