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Kids Aerial Class Stockport

Kids Aerial Hoop StockportKids & Junior Aerial Classes Stockport

We run the following classes every week at our studio in Stockport for Kids & Juniors.

Our kids and juniors are welcomed to take part in our annual showcase and perform in a group or as a soloist. We also offer support for entering national aerial competitions.

Mondays 5.15pm – 6.15pm

Kids Aerial Beginners Ages 5 – 7

Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

Junior Aerial Ages 12-15

Thursdays 5.30pm-6.30pm

Kids Aerial Amateurs Ages 8 – 11

To book for classes please email or call us on 01619715314

All classes: £6 per child or £30 for 6 consecutive classes

Click here for more info, what to wear and how to book in for our kids club evening classes in Stockport


Kids Aerial Class stockport welcomes kids aged 5 – 11 to enjoy developing co-ordination, fitness, team work, flexibility and strength whilst learning fun skills straight from the circus. In our Kids aerial class we use Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoops to teach children how to climb, perform routines, and tricks with great technique on our aerial equipment. We also encourage games, play and creative time to satisfy their creative abilities. We have two classes to cater for differing levels and abilities. Kids ages 5-7 are asked to attend our aerial lesson at 4.30pm. Kids ages 8-11 are asked to join our aerial class at 5:30pm.

Junior Aerial Class Stockport welcomes children aged 12-15. We welcome 16 year olds into our adults classes. This class bridges the gap between the kids class and adults classes. It encourages juniors to develop self-confidence, co-ordination, spatial awareness, flexibility, strength and fitness levels using Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoops. They will learn tricks. moves and skills on the equipment working in groups of 2-3. Each week the moves progress to build into a routine. The class will alternate the equipment, working one week in the silks and the next in the hoop. Book the Junior aerial class

Video from our kids aerial class stockport

For booking and information CLICK HERE

Video from our aerial kids classes