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Pole Dance Classes

pole dance classes

Pole Dance Classes

We offer  6 levels of Pole Dance Classes. Each level incorporates a large selection of moves, climbs, spins and routines which students learn over 6 week terms. Therefore at the end of every 6 week term you will be confident in performing a selection of moves, linking them together as well as increases in strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Syllabus Every term (6 weeks of lessons) we introduce you to new challenges, moves, tricks and routines. This provides you with ongoing progression and increased confidence and skills in pole dancing. Each level contains a large variety of pole dancing moves in it’s syllabus. At the end of each term we offer a progression check to measure how far you have improved in lessons. Once you have gained confidence and skills to perform all the pole dance moves at your current level you graduate to the next level. This format ensures all pole dance classes cater for their students effectively and class students are able to work at their own level, staying motivated, challenged and improving strength, confidence and enjoyment.

Level 1 – Beginners. Suitable for complete beginners, all ages, abilities and levels. At this level you will learn the foundations of pole dancing, completing exercises, tricks, spins and moves which build into simple routines demonstrating and increasing your strength and confidence on the pole.

Level 2 – Amateur. Suitable for students with some pole fitness experience. With a foundation understanding of basic pole exercises and routines, its time to explore further moves, taking you higher up the pole and moves and exercises which prepare for intermediate tricks

Level 3 – Intermediate. Suitable for students who have confidence at all level 1 and 2 moves. At this level we explore inverted moves, tricks which require a strong ability to climb and perform more complex moves and routines on the pole.

Level 4 – Advanced Intermediate. Suitable for students who have improved their ability beyond intermediate. With a good foundation in intermediate moves at this level we explore how these can be taken to new heights with tricks which require more strength and flexibility.

Level 5 – Advanced. Suitable for students who are confident at all moves in the levels preceeding level 5 and looking for a new challenge. At level 5 we look at arms only moves, high level drops, tricks and transitions which require strength, skill and a high level of flexibility.

Level 6 – Elite. Suitable for students who are confident at all foundation advanced moves. At elite level we work with students personal strengths, what can improve their ability to become high level performers and competitors. We cover all tricks requiring a very high level and awareness of flexibility strength and co-ordination.

Pole Dance Classes

 Thank you for all your help I have enjoyed my time in your class you have brought me a long way in my confidence as well as pole skills”

Frequently Asked Questions about Pole Fitness Classes 

What do I wear to Pole Fitness Classes?

Get kitted out for class in leggings, tracksuit bottoms, T-shirts, vest tops, shorts (under leggings). Shorts are not necessary for when you start but do help your grip as you progress. We wear bare feet, bring a long sleeved top for warm up, and water.

At what age can you join classes?

For adults Pole Fitness classes students can join from 16 years old.