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The Studio Safety Policy at Blush Dance & Blush Aerial Fitness is designed to promote a safe and effective environment to train in. We prioritise the safety of all students and staff when training and teaching at our premises.


We ask that you abide by the following rules when in our premises. Failure to follow this policy will result in you being asked to stop training and possible removal from the studio.


1 – Arrive at the studio prior to your class start time. Students arriving after the warm up has started will not be able to take part in the class.


2 – Do not apply creams/lotions/baby oil or fake tan 24 hours prior to your pole or aerial class. Lotions & creams damage the coating of the equipment and leave a residue on the surface of the equipment making it slippery and a hazard to students and teachers.

3 – Remove all Jewellery. This includes wedding rings, toe rings, belly bars, watches and ankle bracelets. If you have any medical jewellery please let us know. Jewellery is a hazard, it causes scratches in equipment which may make it unsafe to use. It can also cause injury to yourself if caught in ropes, fastenings or equipment.

4 – Do not use the equipment without an instructor present or without completing a full warm up. A warm up prepares the body fully for the activity without this you risk harm or potential injury to your body. Our instructors have insurance, qualifications and the expertise to guide you through correct use of the equipment. Without the guidance of a qualified and insured instructor the risk of injury to yourself and others, either at the time or after the incident, through improper use, is very high.

5 – Only perform moves suitable for your level. It can be exciting to watch another student attempt a move. In mixed ability classes, moves will be taught according to each level. You may watch an instructor teach a move not suitable for your level and feel this would be fun to try. Please respect our instructors knowledge of moves, our syllabus and you, as their student. If you have been given a different move or variation there is a good reason for this. There is no benefit to rushing to progress, the only result is injury.

6 – Respect your studio, leave it as you wish to find it. Along with training equipment we provide bins, cleaning supplies, mats, chairs & storage for your use. We regularly maintain all equipment and facilities to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. Please help us to maintain this standard by tidying away equipment and supplies used in the correct place; taking all your items with you; and putting rubbish in the bins.


7 – Please wear appropriate clothing to class. We recommend layers/coverings/leggings for aerial silks, sling and hoop and bare legs and arms for pole fitness. We work in bare feet. If feet need to be covered grippy socks only can be worn to avoid slipping. Full descriptions of what to wear are sent to students prior to classes. We also recommend warm layers for warm up and cool down in the winter months. Students not wearing correct attire can purchase items from our shop at the recommended retail price.


8 – Sessions are booked and paid for in advance of the class starting. All class booking must be made in advance on our online booking software, this is for fire evacuation & track and trace procedures. If you have arrived and not yet paid for your class you will be asked to pay via contactless card or bank transfer. You will be asked to do this before the class starts.


9 – All students must confirm they have read and understood informed consent, hygiene policy and any relevant waivers prior to class commencing. These keep all students and staff safe and prevent any potential outbreak of infectious diseases in our studio. These can be read and agreed to on our booking software.

10 – No one is to train alone. For health and safety reasons no one is permitted to train at the studio on their own.


11 – Notify your teacher before class starts of any changes to your health or relevant injuries/circumstances. If you have any circumstances, injuries or health concerns or changes let your teacher know before class starts, this includes new medications or pregnancy. This cam be done via email to, text to our number or directly to the instructor prior to class. We can then offer relevant amendments to class plans or exercises where necessary.

12 – People in the air have the right of way. In our studio we regularly have high flying athletes. When aerialists are training or rigging in the air please keep your distance, stay very aware and give them the right of way. When instructors are rigging at height we ask that, where possible, you remain out of the studio and if in the studio extremely vigilant and not to play any music.


13 – Support your instructors and training buddies!! We are really proud of our supportive, welcoming and positive environment. Our studio promotes the wellness of all individuals, we do this by being role models in complimenting, accepting, supporting and motivating each other at all times. We strive to create a positive and inclusive environment for all individuals and respect all backgrounds, genders, races and religions. We do not tolerate abusive, derogatory, violent or racial or sexual abusive remarks.


14 – Please feel free to smile, dance, express yourself and be happy, it never fails to make you and others feel good.


Thank you,

Becky Campey

Blush Dance Ltd

Blush Aerial Fitness Ltd