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Booking Terms and Conditions


  1. ‘Confirmed booking’ means the firm agreement between Blush and the delegate for attendance at an event on specified dates.
  2. A ‘Reservation’ means a booking that must be changed to a firm booking. Reservations will be held for up to 7 working days whilst course places remain available.
  3. ‘Waiting list’ means a provisional booking for which no place is available.
  4. ‘event’ for the purpose of these terms ‘event’ refers to a course, term, workshop or event hosted by Blush Dance Ltd or one of its associates where Blush is responsible for administrating the booking payment.

Booking Form

  1. Once a booking is received by Blush, the delegate making the booking becomes liable for the relevant event fee, administration or cancellation charge.
  2. Confirmation of your booking(s) will be sent to you once we accept your completed booking form or paypal payment, providing places are available on your chosen event.
  3. Blush reserves the right to run events at a different venue to the one specified, when necessary. If this is the case we will inform you as soon as possible and provide you with information about travel directions and any other relevant details.

Fees and Payment

  1. Fees are payable prior to the start of all events.
  2. Blush reserves the right to alter prices from those published.
  3. Payment may be enclosed with the booking form.

10. We accept payment of event fees by:


Bank Transfer

Cheques payable to Blush

Cash in advance of event

Cancellation Charges

  1. Blush reserves the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise alter the content or date of an event without notice. In such circumstances, Blush may, at its own discretion, return any payment received without penalty of cancellation charge.
  2. Cancellation charges apply when a suitable substitution is not made at the time of cancellation. Current charges are:


Cancellation charges

Notice of Cancellation

Percentage of Event Fee charged

15 days or more


7–14 days


Less than 7 days


Weekends are included in the above calculations

13. If a delegate fails to attend an event (with no substitution or transfer having been made) this will be deemed as a cancellation and will incur a 100% fee.

Transfers and Substitutions

  1. Transfers and substitutions made less than 7 days prior to the original event date will incur a charge of £10 per delegate.
  2. If a delegate is unable to attend an event, one substitution and/or transfer to another event is acceptable within the terms and conditions described above.
  3. All requests for transfers or substitutions must be submitted in writing
  4. Delegates wishing to make a transfer or substitution must provide the name of the substitute delegate, and/or alternative event details at the time of the request otherwise the booking will be cancelled (see 12 and 13 above).
  5. Blush may, at its own discretion, waive the cancellation charge.

Data Protection

  1. Blush does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. Your details will be added to the Blush database in order to process your booking, and for the purposes of marketing courses through the newsletter.
  2. If you do not wish to receive any further information from us either by post, telephone or email, please contact our marketing team at