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Open Practice Sessions

Open Practice Sessions

Suitable for students, performers and instructors training in Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance.041

Would you love to practice for longer after class?

Do you find you struggle to remember moves when training on your own?

Need more training on the pole to help progression but can’t commit to more classes per week?

No place for equipment at home but need more practice?

Need a flexible way to drop in when you have more time to train?

Training for a performance, competition and need somewhere to practice?

Open Practice session are a great solution to all these common issues.

Open Practice sessions are designed for students who are currently training in Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop or Aerial silks at Bush Dance classes. They cater for students who are wanting extra practice time to improve and perfect moves, transitions and routines taught in class.

Open Practice sessions include:

One piece of equipment available for your sole use.

Instructor present for H and S.

Open Practice sessions, where possible, are scheduled when a class is on and the aerial/pole side is free, this means you can join in with the warm up of the class running at the same time. However to enable as many open practice sessions as possible, this isn’t always possible. In this situation, please ensure you follow a warm up and cool down. These can be accessed by anyone with an account on our Team Up booking system in the ON DEMAND section.

Price: £8 PAYG, members may use credits from memberships or class passes

Payment to be made in advance of the session via card online or bank transfer. Standard terms and conditions of booking, late cancellations and no show policies apply. Please check these when booking, details below.

To book: If you are not a student please email to enquire. If you are a student with an active class pass or membership you can use your credits to book.

To view a list of open practice times, check our timetable 

If you no show or late cancel (less than 24 hours notice) you will forfeit the session fee or credit.

Al students are asked to abide by our safety guidelines for open practice sessions:

These are to ensure a safe environment for you and your fellow students. Respect your environment.

Be respectful to teachers, employees, your fellow students and the studio and equipment. No shoes on the studio floor or mats. Replace any equipment borrowed.

Do not attempt to teach if you are not a Blush Instructor. Do not attempt to share, teach or show moves unless you are a qualified Blush Instructor. If you would like to learn a new move, please ask your teacher, not a friend in a class or a practice session.

Practice sessions are for practice time only, do not attempt moves seen on facebook or Youtube.

Mats must be used when training.

Please ensure you are present and punctual and take part in warm up and cool down

Please do not attempt to adjust the poles or aerial equipment unless you are trained. Ask an instructor.