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Blushette of the Month February 2015

Every month the teaching team at Blush get together to nominate blushette of the month award. These are students who have shown outstanding progress, dedication and achievements in their training. This can be for high attendance at classes, graduating of a level, achieving a nemesis move, taking part in a performance or competition, achieving a training goal, taking parts in event, open days and embracing a Blushette fabulousness on their journey. These Blushettes have gone the extra mile and we think it’s time they got a big up! We are sure you will too…:)

10855150_10152777462962983_8301244281496058650_oWe are very pleased to announce that the fabulous Kellie Louise Buckley was unanimously nominated our February Blushette of the Month. And as it was her birthday month, it meant an even bigger reason to celebrate!


Kellie Buckley Blushette of the Month Feb ’15


When she first came to Blush Kellie would admit that she struggled with finding confidence in herself and her abilities. It has been fantastic to see this confidence grow week by week with each new challenged she has faced. Kellie as shown such dedication to her pole progress and last month she attended a workshop with world famous Pole dancer Kristy Sellars. She also has also been keeping a track of her progress with some fabulous pictures of all the moves she has smashed in class so far.


10827972_10152721748842983_4331943191807774208_oWhile hard work and progress has been a big part of Kellie’s Blush journey, she has also found that she enjoys the social side of coming to class just as much.
Kellie says about her time at Blush so far “Everyone has been so lovely and there is a genuine camaraderie and so much encouragement. It has given me a new social scene meeting so many great people.”

Well done Kellie!


Fancy nominating a fellow student? Send your nominations to and tell us why you think they should be nominated.

 Blush Dance Teaching Team x



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