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What to wear at Pole Dance Classes – pole dance clothes

Pole Dance Classes are for fitness and fun, having the right pole dance clothes and preparing your body for the class is important as will make sure you have all that you need to take part and so that you are practicing in a safe environment for yourself and fellow students.

  • When you join your first class its important to choose the right pole dance clothes, your kit should be comfy to dance and do fitness movement in.
    Leg warmers for warm up and cool down

    Leg warmers for wram up and cool down

    It is not essential that you wear shorts or skimpy clothes at first, being comfortable is more important. Therefore leggings, tracksuit bottoms, vest tops or t-shirts are all perfect to wear when you first start training. After 3-4 lessons, and at your teachers advice, moves will be progressed to those which require bare arms and legs. Therefore for parts of the lesson you may be asked to bare your legs. You can either wear shorts or baggy tracksuit bottoms which can be rolled up when necessary. At an intermediate and advanced level, bare waist is also required for many moves but not necessary at a beginner level.

  • Its common to suffer bruising at pole lessons, usually arms, shins, hips are common to a bump and a bruise due to the nature of the exercise. Everyone bruises at different rates, some bruises and chafing we can avoid by wearing leg warmers and wrist bands, others can be eased after class with a herbal remedy called arnica, which is excellent for helping recover from bruising faster. This can be bought in cream or supplement format from most health stores and some of our studios may sell local hand made arnica cream, ask at your studio.
  • Wear clothes that you can grip the pole with once you have attended 3-4 lessons, or when your teacher advises you.

    Wear clothes that you can grip the pole with once you have attended 3-4 lessons, or when your teacher advises you.

    Its a good idea to bring clothes for warm up also. Ideal items to wear are your pole shorts under leggings, or tracksuit bottoms, bring leg warmers, T shirt. You can remove layers when you are warm and add them back for cool down.

  • We work in bare feet, but if you would prefer shoes, then soft light dance shoes or trainers are fine. See our our shop for pole dance clothes to purchase online and at the studio.
  • For safety and durability we must minimize the defects in the equipment used for the class.  Therefore, we ask 
that you remove jewelry, watches and anything else you 
may be wearing that could get caught in the equipment or snag or cut it. Also your hands may swell slightly after class due to the nature and intensity we use our hands for gripping in class, another reason to remove rings and jewellery prior to training.
  • Long finger nails or toe nails may snag the equipment and 
cause you injury, please keep them
    Janine Henderson Instructor

    Keep body moisturise free to avoid slipping

    trimmed. Please tie back hair to prevent being caught in equipment and becoming a hazard.

  • Please do prepare your skin for pole dance, please do not apply ANY oils, creams, lotions, fake tan 24 hours prior to your lessons. This includes moisturisers, baby oils, fake tans. All these items make your skin slippy and leave a residue on the pole which makes the poles slippy for other students, causing a hazard for you and your fellow students.
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