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Monthly Membership at Blush Dance Studiosmemberships

Benefits of setting up a monthly membership are:

  • Spread the cost of class payments monthly
  • Lower Class Price (from £7 per class)
  • Guaranteed class places ahead of bookings opening
  • Access to one demand tutorials & Classes

We have 3 monthly memberships:

Bronze – £40 per month – 5 classes per month

Silver – £64 per month – 10 classes per month

Gold – £96 per month – 15 classes per month

Memberships can be used for face to face and online classes.

Is there a commitment?

There is a 3 month minimum contract. Once this has been completed you can cancel with 30 days notice or freeze you’re membership for a minimum of 1 months and maximum of 3. To freeze or cancel please email us before the date of cancellation or freeze to

You can read details on our catch up classes at

How do the payments work?

Payment is made monthly rather than termly (6 weeks), and is taken a month in lieu, for example payment is made on 1st or 15th October for all your classes in November. Payments are made via bank standing order.  Missed payments incur a £10 admin charge.

How do I set up membership?

To set up your membership please complete the online new members joining form so we can set up your membership and recommend the correct first monthly payment to activate.

Here is the form below to complete;

Once you have completed the form, we will process and forward you an invoice for the first payment.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding membership at Stockport please feel free to get in touch with us at

FAQ about membership:

What if I am injured/get pregnant?

Our memberships hold no long contracts. All we ask is that you commit to paying 3 months minimum. If you are injured we are more than likely able to work around injuries, or you could switch your classes to one which was more suitable to your injury, for example move from pole dance to a burlesque class. If you become pregnant, we advise you do not continue with classes. As your membership term agreement is for 3 months minimum it will remain in place until the end of the three months. You can also freeze to work around long term planned time off exercise. Get in touch to enquire.

What if I want to switch the class I originally booked onto?

This is possible, you can switch your chosen class each month. It is not possible to switch the class you attend mid way through a month. The possibility to switch will depend on the availability in the class you would like to move to. We recommend you inform us of your desire to move your class as early as possible. The more notice you give us, the more options you will have for classes to move to.

To move your class you must email us at and we can move your booking to another class, this will not affect your membership payments unless you want to increase/decrease the number of classes you do per week.

Can I switch memberships for example start with bronze then move to silver?

This can be done by emailing us at with your request. Each membership package must be completed for at least 3 months. For example if you choose to join as a bronze member, you pay bronze payments for 3 months before you move to a silver membership. Once you have switched you will commit to a 3 month minimum term as a silver membership payer.

What if I lose my job and cannot pay any more?

We recommend you get in touch with us immediately at and we can switch your payments to the lowest option for memberships. If you cannot afford to carry on with payments you can then cancel after your 3months minimum term agreement.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership we require a 1 month notice period. Please email us at with the date you wish to cancel from. We  will explain how your membership is cancelled, any outstanding amount required and how to pay.

How to set up your membership:

Please complete the application form above.

Your first payment can be paid via bank transfer.

Following your first payment we will send you details on how to create your following payments by bank standing order.

Your membership will appear on your TeamUp Profile.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding membership at Stockport please feel free to get in touch with us at

What happens when you close for Easter and Christmas?
You still have the same amount of credits allocated per month. We do not open for bank holidays and we take two weeks off classes over Christmas. Your credits during December can still be taken in December. So you can choose to take more classes per week during these weeks.